Monday, April 29, 2013

To Blog or Not To Blog?

I've contemplated starting a blog since I quit my job last June. Going from being a full time personal banker to a stay at home fiancée was a HUGE change! I've stayed home the last 11 months with no responsibilities other than taking care of my home, my (now) husband and my dog, Uno.

(This is Uno! Isn't he sweet?)
When I first quit working John and I jokingly called me a "house fiancée" since I wasn't yet a wife. Specifically, he called me a "house gloob." Weird, huh? John had a hard time using the word fiancée for some reason so he always referred to me as his girlfriend (which secretly bothered me!) I came across an article in one of my magazines about a woman who also hated the word fiancée and all it's implications, so she invented a word that was just as silly to call her fiancée. I read the article to John and it stuck. I was now his gloob.

Anyways, the last 11 months have allowed me more time to myself than I've ever had before. The first few months were filled with wedding planning, summer fun, drinks with friends and the discovery of Pinterest. But after our wedding I experienced the common phenomena of feeling lost! Our engagement was short (only 8 months) so everything was jam packed with wedding stuff all the time. Once the wedding was over in September I no longer had lists to check off, deadlines to meet and stupid things to stress over.

(Here we are on our wedding day!)
Luckily, in Pinterest I found a housewife's dream! I now make all my cleaning supplies homemade, I've done a few crafting projects and I always have a new recipe to try! I realized that most of the articles I found on Pinterest were from blogs written by housewives and stay at home moms.

I thought, why can't I do that!? Maybe blogging can be a fun way to share my thoughts and feelings with friends and family, kill some time and share some of the things I've been up to. I'm hoping to just share some of my daily life, some recipes, some crafts and some DIY home projects. I'm not going into this with big promises of daily posts or anything, but I'm hoping for a few times a week. Stay Tuned =)


  1. LOVE IT Alicia! Can't wait to see all the neat things you write about. If I ever get my patootie in gear we can have a link party with Steph!