Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Homemade Liquid Fabric Softener

Recently, I was cleaning out my bathroom cabinet and found some conditioner that I bought and ended up not liking. I couldn't bear to throw it away at the time though, so I've kept it as "emergency conditioner." Well, said emergency has never happened so I decided to finally clear it out of the cabinet...

And then I remembered seeing a recipe for homemade liquid fabric softener, so I thought I'd try it! Pretty much anything cleaning related around here is homemade now... so I thought, why not!?

My husband was pretty skeptical about this one though, but I think it's because he walked in halfway through the DIY process.

He took one whiff of the vinegar and said "WTF IS THAT SHIT?! I don't want my clothes to smell like that!" hahahaha and this is while he was sick... I can't imagine how bad it would have smelled to him if he wasn't so stuffed up!

Apparently he hasn't realized this is the main ingredient in many of my cleaning products and that the clothes won't actually come out smelling this way! (thank god)

(I do almost all my cleaning while he is at work so he has no clue about the smelly vinegar I deal with all the time!)

Homemade Liquid Fabric Softener

What You Will Need:
Empty Bottle (I used an empty Purex Crystals Bottle)
3 Cups Distilled White Vinegar
2 Cups Conditioner
4 Cups Hot Water
(water needs to be hot to break up conditioner)

Step One: Measure out 2 cups of conditioner. Pour in bottle.

Step Two: Measure out 3 cups of vinegar. Pour in bottle.

Step Three: Measure out 4 cups of hot water. Pour into bottle.

Step Four: Shake gently to incorporate. 
Use the same amount you normally would in washer.

Ta-Da! Homemade liquid fabric softener!
I admit, before making this stuff homemade, I never used liquid fabric softener.
I always thought it was too expensive and would just rely on fabric softener sheets in the dryer.
Now I get the best of both worlds! Wa-hoo!

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