Friday, May 3, 2013

Succulent Shenanigans

Yesterday I went with my friends Macey and Julia to Washington Wholesale Floral in Tacoma. Luckily, Julia is the manager of Buds & Blooms so she was able to get us in (thanks Julia!) Needless to say, Macey and I were overwhelmed and beyond excited! Once we realized we had choices galore we decided we should look at everything before making any decisions!

Besides the floral supplies there was also neat little vignettes everywhere with fun ideas. Macey snapped a pic of this one that reminded her of me. Um, she's totally right... LOOOVE all the whites, creams and stoneware!

Originally, our intent was to get supplies to makes succulent terrariums with glass that looked something like this:

But we scrapped that idea once we saw this guy displayed!

And then when we saw the rows upon rows of fun pots the glass terrariums were out the window!

Is anybody else totally in love with galvanized pots right now?!

We stopped to drool over the fresh flowers in the cooler.

After wandering around and contemplating for an hour we finally decided on containers, so we headed back to the plant section to pick out our succulents. <--- I don't know what it is about that word but it's just fun to say. We couldn't resist saying it at every chance all day! haha Succulent!

Anyways, it took much longer than expected so we rushed over to Lowe's for some potting soil and gravel, then headed back home to get to work. We came back with some great loot!

We kinda rushed it a bit, but we were just so excited to get it all put together to admire our work! (So excited that we forgot to take pics of how to put them together) 

It went something like this:
1.) Put enough pea gravel in bottom of container to cover in a thick layer (for drainage)
2.) Fill half way with dirt
3.) Stuff your succulent in the pot, breaking up the roots beforehand
4.) Carefully fill pot with dirt, so as to not break half the leaves off your succulent (not that I would know from experience) leaving about an inch or two at the top
5.) Spread pea gravel on top of soil
6.) Admire your work, then drive home knocking over at least one pot (not that Macey did that in her car or I did that in mine)

Aren't they kind of gorgeous?! We joked we should go into business and sell them at the farmer's market... maybe one day?

Happy Friday everyone! Me and the hubby are off to Birch Bay for my birthday weekend!
Happy 24th to me =)

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