Friday, May 10, 2013

Homemade Febreze

 I don't know about you, but I hate overpaying for things I need.

Febreze is one of those items that I used to buy, regardless of the price. I hate that couches and pillows can't just be thrown into the washing machine and curtains lose their fresh scent a week after washing. And really, a room just feels cleaner when it smells fresh.

When I decided to be a full time housewife we went down to one income and I had to come up with creative ways to save money. My Febreze addiction would have to be reined in.

Pinterest to the rescue!

I came across several articles claiming that Febreze can be made homemade. I waited until my Febreze bottle that I had was empty and I was good to go! After making a few bottles I now have come up with the perfect recipe for homemade Febreze (well, in my opinion at least!) Because I make it so cheaply at home I now go through twice as much but with no guilt!And, because it's made with things I always have around the house I can immediately replenish my stash without running to the store. Win-win!

This recipe is super simple and easy to follow! I choose to use the funnel to eliminate any mess and to make my life easier, but if you don't have one it's fine.

Homemade Febreze

You will need:

Empty Spray Bottle (I used an empty 27oz Febreze bottle)
2 Tbs Baking Soda (I use Arm&Hammer)
1/4 Cup Liquid Fabric Softener (I use Downy Clean Breeze)
Warm Water
Funnel (optional)

Step One: Put 2Tbs baking soda in spray bottle.

Step Two: Pour 1/4 cup fabric softener in bottle.

Step Three: Fill bottle with warm water until filled. Do this slowly and swirl bottle around as you fill to make the baking soda dissolve easily.

Step Four: Replace cap and tip from side to side to ensure all ingredients are thoroughly mixed. (I don't shake because it gets foamy)

There you go! Now you're ready to combat stinky dogs beds, smelly couches and stale curtains for pennies on the dollar!

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