Sunday, July 14, 2013

Mid-Year Resolutions

Every January 1st people set goals for themselves for the coming year. Weight loss, breaking bad habits, creating new habits and on and on...

We jump into these goals head first with ambitions of becoming better. But, usually by the time February 1st rolls around those goals have long since vanished and the new habits have been abandoned.

I always see this at my gym. January brings droves of new people in and it's beyond packed. I have to wait to use my favorite weight machines. The cardio equipment has a waiting list. The front desk is swarming with trainers and hopeful new clients. But, always by March things seem to go back to normal and the numbers even out.

Why must we only set these big goals for ourselves at the beginning of the year? And why do so many people focus on weight or their looks as a goal? (not saying I'm not guilty of this too...) This year I've decided to set Mid-Year Resolutions for myself. Well... a bit more than mid year, but whatever. I want my Mid-Year Resolutions to focus on me becoming a more well-rounded, happy person, not just one who's skinnier. (although, this would be nice too.)

I don't want these goal to be reminiscent of the people at the gym and gone within weeks. I want these goals to stick... To become my lifestyle, not just a temporary phase. Here's to hoping.

Try something new at least once a week: 
Whether it be a new recipe, a new hobby or just a new beauty trick, I promise to try new things.

No matter how busy life gets, make time to read:
Reading is one of those things that always seems to relax me and give me an escape when life gets tough. I promise to make more time to read and explore new books, even if it's only half an hour a night sometimes.

Nurture the relationships in my life that are important:
Plain and simple. I promise to focus on those I love to know, need to know, want to know.

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