Sunday, June 30, 2013

Kauai: Day Six

Aaallllll week we were looking forward to this day! We had an ATV Tour booked! I couldn't wait to get in that mud bug with John and do something dirty! (their slogan... not mine)

But, the dirty shenanigans weren't until noon so we checked out the beach in front the the hotel again. But this time, the tide was out! Remember this from day one?

Well, look what was hiding underneath!

We were so excited when it was finally time to head over to Kauai ATV! It was such a blast! We rode around on a Mud Bug, learned history of the sugar mill, toured an underground army bunker, saw some places where movies were filmed (like Jurassic Park!), got dirty and then took a dip at a small waterfall! It was seriously our favorite part of the whole trip!

Do you remember the scene in Jurassic Park where Dr. Grant and the kids are running through the clearing from the stampede and they hide behind the log? This is where it was filmed! This field has been used in over 200 movies apparently!

When the tour was over we checked out the gift shop and I wanted this so bad! But white isn't practical =( So I settled for a purple, maroonish one... that didn't say anything about honeymoon. I'm still pouting about it a little bit...

On our way out to dinner I finally caught a break from the icky cloudy weather and got these beauties!

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