Sunday, June 16, 2013

Kauai: Day Two

Thanks to the 3 hour time difference I was up bright and early our second day and in the gym by 6:45am. After 30 minutes on the elliptical I thought I was going to die. The humidity in Hawaii is crazy high! That and the fact the the morning sun was beaming down on me through the window cut my work out short, but I was happy I started our vacation off right!

After getting a shower in and prying John out of bed we head to Opaeka Falls, with a few scenic stops along the way. 

Oh, and somehow, all my research on Kauai never turned up the fact that it's the "chicken island." Apparently, the chicken population has gotten out of control because there are no natural predators to them on Kauai. So, this mean chickens and roosters are running around everywhere. And I mean EVERYWHERE. 

Did I mention I'm terrified of birds!? Yeah, needless to say, I spent the entire trip checking my surroundings constantly. I hate birds. With a passion.

Anyways, we made it to Opaeka Falls, which was beautiful of course!

 I booked us a boat tour on the Wailua River which took us to a beautiful Fern Grotto. We rode on a big boat with only a few other people, which was really nice! (We chose the 11am tour which was way less crowded than the overbooked 9:30am tour!) It was awesome because there was history of the river, the island and the people, there was singing and dancing and lots of fun!They even performed the traditional Hawaiian wedding song for us so John and I got to be married again. =)


After lunch we headed to Lydgate Beach and the Play Bridge at Kamalani Playground. The rock enclosure made it a safe place to swim and it's one of the only lifeguarded beaches on the island. 

During the boat tour they showed us Kamokila Hawaiian Village along the river, so we decided to go find it! But, instead of paying the $5 each to get in, we played around on the trees. This brought my total mosquito bite count to 26 (just on my legs). 

I'm allergic to bug bites so I had 26 huge swollen mounds on my legs that looked like some strange disease. At this point, we booked it to the store for some anti itch cream and bug spray for the rest of the trip. Travel Tip: BRING BUG SPRAY! Layer it over your sunblock! You'll be a sticky mess with all the humidity, but it's worth it!

No pictures, but we went to Kalapaki Joe's on Kalapaki Beach for dinner that night. Great food, HORRIBLE service. (mostly due to the fact they were extremely understaffed). John was super grumpy about this so we headed back to the hotel and hung out by the pool for the evening. Not a bad day though, huh?

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