Sunday, December 15, 2013

17 Weeks

How Far Along: 17w 3d

Baby Is The Size Of: An Onion or A Pear

Baby's Development: Baby's heartbeat was 140 at my last appt! (16w6d) Baby's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone. Baby is also forming sweat glands, body fat and is now almost half a foot long!

Sleep: Still having crazy dreams. I dreamed the other night that my dad had a baby horse and was keeping it downstairs. When I came over the horse was running around like crazy and kept jumping on my brother's bed! These dreams definitely have me waking me up going WTF sometimes! I've been getting up in the middle of the night multiple times to go to the bathroom and now I know why! At my ultrasound last night I found out baby is facing upside down kicking my bladder. We actually watched baby kicking my bladder! haha It all makes sense now!

Movement: Still nothing =( Hoping for any day now!

Cravings: Still cuties, fajitas and pickles. Also been craving Chicago Style pizza from Papa Murphy's. We got it the other night and it was to die for. My lunch on Friday actually consisted of leftover pizza, pickles and carrot sticks! haha

Aversions: Still anything stinky. No foods have really been making me gag too much except chicken and occasionally the consistency of oatmeal and yogurt (two of my breakfast staples unfortunately).

Gender: OMG. We find out TODAY!!!!!!!! I'm dying in anticipation! The party is only a few hours away and I think I might pass out I'm so anxious! Still thinking boy!

Best Moment This Week: Eating fajitas! haha Just kidding. It was definitely the ultrasound we had yesterday! We got to see baby moving around for about 20 minutes and it just made my heart melt. Baby's hands were next to it's face almost like praying and at times it looked like baby was sucking his/her thumb! Baby was definitely kicking a lot... using my bladder as a trampoline! It was so hard to not find out the gender but it will be all worth it when we find out at the party!

Looking Forward To: Finding out what baby is so I can start shopping! As soon as we find out I'm going to make John run out and go shopping with me! And I'm still impatiently patiently waiting to feel movement!

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